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Aircon Jackets: Secrets of Japanese Construction Workers

In the heart of a Japanese summer, when temperatures skyrocket and the humidity makes the air feel like a sauna, construction workers continue their demanding physical labor. What’s their secret? It’s not just resilience or dedication—it’s air-conditioned clothing, or “kuchofuku.” Specifically, aircon jackets have become a game-changer. Let’s explore how this ingenious invention helps workers beat the heat.

Understanding Aircon Jackets

Aircon jackets, or fan jackets, are wearable cooling systems. They come equipped with integrated fans that circulate air, enhancing the evaporation of sweat and keeping the wearer cool. The jackets run on rechargeable batteries that can last for hours, ensuring comfort throughout the workday.

Why Japanese Construction Workers Use Aircon Jackets

In Japan, summer temperatures can reach a sweltering 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), with high humidity levels. This is particularly challenging for construction workers, who have to undertake strenuous physical tasks. Here’s why they turn to aircon jackets:

  • Heat Protection: The jackets help regulate body temperature, reducing the risk of heatstroke—a common and potentially fatal risk for construction workers in summer.
  • Comfort: By enhancing the natural cooling process of the body, these jackets keep workers comfortable, enabling them to focus on their tasks.
  • Productivity: Comfortable workers are more productive. With the cooling effect of the jackets, workers can maintain their efficiency even in the heat.

The Impact of Aircon Jackets

Aircon jackets have had a profound impact on the well-being and productivity of Japanese construction workers. Take Hiroshi, a Tokyo-based construction worker, for example. He says, “Since I started using an aircon jacket, I’ve felt more comfortable at work. I can do my job without feeling overwhelmed by the heat.”


Air Cooling Vest White

Battery: 20000 mAh
Runtime: Up to 21 hours


Air Cooling Work Jacket

Battery: 18000 mAh
Runtime: Up to 22 hours


Air Cooling Vest Black

Battery: 20000 mAh
Runtime: Up to 20 hours

The use of these innovative jackets is not just confined to Japan anymore. With the rise in global temperatures, the demand for such clothing is growing worldwide.


Aircon jackets are a powerful solution to heat-related challenges faced by construction workers. Originating in Japan, they are now gradually making their way into the global market. With their ability to regulate body temperature, increase comfort, and enhance productivity, they are indeed a hidden secret of Japanese construction workers that the world is starting to uncover.

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