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Get it while it’s HOT
(but BETTER before)!

Stay Cool and Beat Any Heatwave

Discover the secret that has kept Japanese construction workers cool under the intense summer sun for decades. Our curated selection of air-conditioned clothing and fan jackets are not just about comfort, but also about safety. Wether you work in the blaring sun, can’t access an air conditioner, or are a senior at risk of heat stroke, these jackets are going to change your life and help you beat the heat!


Air Cooling Vest White

Battery: 20000 mAh
Runtime: Up 21 hours


Air Cooling Work Jacket

Battery: 18000 mAh
Runtime: Up to 22 hours


Air Cooling Vest Black

Battery: 20000 mAh
Runtime: Up to 20 hours

Beat the Heat with Aircon Clothing & Fan Jackets

In the face of rising global temperatures and intensifying heatwaves, staying cool is not just about comfort anymore — it’s about safety. That’s why we’re on a mission to connect you with innovative solutions to this escalating issue: air-conditioned clothing and fan jackets.

For decades, construction workers in Japan have used these innovative clothing technologies to stay cool while working under the blaring summer sun. There it is known as “kuchofuku”. Now, we’re bringing these tested and proven solutions to the global market.

We’ve scoured the market to curate a selection of the most innovative, high-quality air-conditioned clothing and fan jackets available. These garments aren’t just apparel; they can potentially be life-saving devices that help protect against dangerous overheating.

Whether you’re a construction worker in a hot environment, a senior susceptible to heat stress, an outdoor enthusiast, or someone enduring a sweltering summer, our platform guides you to products that can serve your needs.

We’re your guide to staying cool, safe, and comfortable in the face of rising temperatures. We offer comprehensive guides and reviews to help you navigate the world of air-conditioned clothing and “kuchofuku”. Discover a new level of comfort and freshness with us, even in the fiercest heat.

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