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What is Aircon Clothing: Beating the Heat


The unprecedented heatwaves of 2023 have served as a stark reminder of the importance of staying cool. As the mercury continues to rise, we find ourselves seeking innovative ways to battle the heat, making aircon clothing and fan jackets more relevant than ever.

The Need for Aircon Clothing and Fan Jackets

As anyone who’s had to work or perform outdoor activities in excessive heat can attest, it’s not just uncomfortable—it can also be downright dangerous. Traditional methods of cooling off, like staying in the shade or drinking plenty of water, can only do so much. This is where the real game-changers step in: aircon clothing and fan jackets.

Understanding the Science: How Does Aircon Clothing Work?

To comprehend the science behind aircon clothing, we first need to debunk a common misconception. Contrary to what you might think, aircon clothing doesn’t cool down the air, like a room AC unit does. Instead, it boosts the body’s natural cooling mechanisms.

Aircon clothing works by circulating air and sometimes water vapor around the body, reducing skin temperature through the evaporation of sweat and vapor. Attached to the clothing are lightweight fans, about 10 cm wide, that help draw in air and vaporize sweat.

The technology behind aircon clothing was primarily developed for workers in areas where air conditioning systems can’t be easily installed, such as tunnels and underground construction sites. But, given the rising global temperatures, it has become a potential solution for everyone battling the heat.

Staying Breezy: The Mechanics of Fan Jackets

Similar to aircon clothing, fan jackets use compact fans to enhance the natural process of body cooling. These fans, typically attached to the back of the clothing near the waist, run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, offering anywhere from 8.5 to 59 hours of cooling depending on the speed of the fan.


Air Cooling Vest White

Battery: 20000 mAh
Runtime: Up to 21 hours


Air Cooling Work Jacket

Battery: 18000 mAh
Runtime: Up to 22 hours


Air Cooling Vest Black

Battery: 20000 mAh
Runtime: Up to 20 hours

Benefits of Aircon Clothing and Fan Jackets

Aside from the obvious benefit of keeping you cool, aircon clothing and fan jackets offer numerous advantages.

They can be used as assistance in countries where air conditioners are not commonplace during heatwaves, or for those who can not afford to get one. This is extra important to people at risk of suffering a heatstroke such as seniors and young children.

They use significantly less energy compared to traditional air conditioning systems, making them a more sustainable option. An aircon shirt, for example, uses 4,400 mAh of power for 8.5 hours on the fastest fan setting, whereas an average central air conditioning unit uses 3000 to 5000 watts of power.

Moreover, these clothes directly ventilate the wearer, which is much more efficient than cooling down the entire environment. This could make a significant difference in combating climate change, as gases used in traditional air conditioning absorb some 2,100 times more infrared radiation per ton than carbon dioxide.


In a world grappling with record-breaking heatwaves, aircon clothing and fan jackets aren’t just a comfort—they’re a necessity. Understanding the science behind these innovative technologies, along with their benefits, can help us appreciate their role in helping us keep our cool.

So, if you’re looking to battle the heat in a smart, sustainable, and effective way, why not explore our selection of recommended aircon clothing and fan jackets? You’ll not only be investing in your comfort, but also in the health of our planet.